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October 7-8, 2020

MIRAI 2.0 Japanese-Swedish Joint Kick-off / Scientific Webinar

co-hosted by Nagoya University and University of Gothenburg

Supported by MEXT and The Embassy of Sweden in Tokyo, Japan

Thanks to everyone who participated in the digital Kick-off for MIRAI 2.0 and contributed to the success of the event.

In total, more than 200 online participants participated over the course of the two days.

We hope to see you again during Research and Innovation Week, June 7-11, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Visit our website for more information about MIRAI 2.0 and upcoming events. 

About this website and the event

This event (Japanese-Swedish Joint Kick-off / Scientific Webinar) consists of three parts: 

This website (pre-recorded contents)

Viewers can watch the pre-recorded Keynote Lecture and the MIRAI Project (1.0) Success Stories on this website and submit questions via the question form on this site.  

Live Session (on October 7, 2020) 

A live Q&A Session to the Keynote Lecture (Q&A corner) and MIRAI Project (1.0) Speakers (Q&A corner) will be held on October 7 where speakers and moderators will have live discussions based on the questions received by YOU, our audience.

COVID-19 Webinar (on October 8, 2020)  

There are no pre-recorded lectures for this. All lectures are live. Please register to join the webinar from the bottom of this webpage.

This event is supported by MEXT, and the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo.



Vision of MIRAI 2.0

MIRAI 2.0 is an academic alliance among 19 Universities in Sweden and Japan, aiming to promote long-term research collaboration between the two countries. MIRAI 2.0 (2020-2022) builds on the former MIRAI Project (2017-2019), developing and expanding the activities of the Project further.

The vision of MIRAI 2.0 is presented by the two coordinating universities; Nagoya University and the University of Gothenburg.

Background of MIRAI:

MIRAI is an academic consortium that was initiated based on the discussion at the "Japan-Sweden University Presidents’ Summit" in October of 2015, to strengthen academic exchanges and research collaboration between Sweden and Japan.

MIRAI Project was adopted as a pilot project of the Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT) and was launched in 2017 as a three-year project. From 2017-2019 seven Swedish and eight Japanese Universities joined together in the MIRAI Project; ‘Connecting Swedish and Japanese universities through research, education and innovation’.  

MIRAI 2.0 Members (as of Oct. 2020)

Member universities agreed to expand the number of participating universities by inviting other Swedish and Japanese higher education institutions to join. Currently there are 8 universities from Japan and 11 universities from Sweden participating in MIRAI 2.0.


* associate member

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Please contact office[at] for the details of the event.

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